Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Sew in Style 2015

Hello you guys!  It is my turn to show off  Mila's Fall wardrobe.  My Fall Line : ).  Today I am participating in the Lil Luxe Sew In Style series.  We were asked to
create our own line using mostly Lil Luxe patterns.  I have all Lil Luxe excluding one top.

My line was themed off of Minnesota Winter.  Northern MN winter to be exact.  Well, I am not sure if I accomplished that.  I kept coming across fabrics that I loved.  So, you do see a mix of Fall as well : ).  You can find my inspiration board on Instagram- HERE

I think I will start off with my top.  This is the Alley Cat Romper turned High Low (on accident) top/tunic.  I sewed it up with a soft sweater knit and overlaid the skirt portion with a crinkle chiffon.  I adore it!!!  I also raised the back just a little. 

I had accidently sewn the skirt portion on like this but I love how it turned out.  Instead of gathering the skirt I pleated it.  Pretty ?  I is so hard for me to photograph white.

So what does this top pair with?  Everything's white : ).

Do these shorts look familiar Lil Luxe fans?  Probably not.  They are actually the bottom half of the Rural Romper.  I just added a thick waist band and elastic around the legs.  I had the hopes of a bubble shorts look which I did achieve, I think : )

I used Robert Kaufman Essex Linen.  It is so hard to see in the picture but the color is so pretty!!!  I plan to add these shorts to my shop, I love them so much!

Up  next...

Paul Bunyan inspired skirt.  It is so very snuggly soft.  I added a wide waistband again.  I think with the heavier fabric it adds more support.   The skirt was created with the Haute shorts pattern : ) Almoast forgot...that is the crop top flipped around and turned little jacket.  Perfect fit both directions.  I did not add on the second pattern piece and curved the opening.

I also made these with the Haute Shorts PDF

Last combo, and that's it : )

I can not believe she did all this smiling for me : ).  Really my son was standing to the side with a pop and would give her a drink if she smiled : )

Read more about the Sew ’n Style Series ( and visit the contest page with Link up ( where we have contest prizes totaling over $350 from our gracious sponsors.

Thanks for stopping!!!!


  1. Awesome sewing! And awesome photography! Love all those pieces! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  2. This is gorgeous Kim! I love the colors, and that plaid haute skort is gorgeous!

  3. This is gorgeous Kim! I love the colors, and that plaid haute skort is gorgeous!

  4. So cute! I love all the fabrics and my girl wanted to wear her crop top as a bolero too haha. Looks great!

  5. This collection is so beautiful! The colors….the combos….everything is perfection. <3

  6. This is amazing! I love everything in this collection (particularly that Alley Cat romper top) <3

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  8. Phenomenal job! I love every piece..but THAT sweater (swoon)! Please share fabric name...pretty please?

    1. Hi Kim :) thanks! It's from Hancock fabrics :)

    2. Forgive me! I should've NEVER asked that, incredibly rude! also "Kimmi" and go by "kimw"..

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  9. Love your colour story - great collection!

  10. Absolutely beautiful collection! I love it all, but I think that first white top is my favorite!

  11. You are so talented my friend! Everything is just perfect!!