Tuesday, October 20, 2015

ME, they say I am a Top Stitcher : )

This is not exactly my usual style of clothing creations : ).  But holy man I do love it! I was invited to participate in this seasons Top Stitchers competition, and was challenged with the prompt "bacon ice cream".  That means two mix some crazy ingredients and
create an over the top look.  I decieded to do BoHo.  Ummm whoops. kinda a mistake because boho is hard to make into over the top.  It turns out you can throw a bunch of stuff together and it will look just fine/just the way it should-boho.  I guess I feel the fur is a bit ott.  So I hope this set qualifies : )  I think I will refer you over to Top Stitchers if you would like to read more about my creation.

Madeit's Ziggy for the top and Farbenmix Roberta for the jeans. : ) 

More Info and to see my competitors amazing look go HERE and hey, this is a competition- go VOTE!!!!!

I was only able to share 5 pictures on Top Stitchers.  Be prepared.  I may have overdone it.  : )  Here are the rest-

Thanks for stopping! 


  1. Kim~this is so cute! It took me three times reading and looking at this post before I saw the pocket on the leg! LOVE how practical and yet so FANCY this look is.

  2. I lovvvvvvvve how you incorporated so much of the upcycled jeans! The character that pocket at the hem adds to the flares is exactly the kind of detail work that encourages me to sew :)