Thursday, February 6, 2014

Signiture Look Project Run and Play Winter

I have a hard time with signature look week.  I really love all types of handmade clothing.  I love cute boutique knot dresses, I love the French and Italian designer clothes I try to copy once and awhile, I love clothes full of appliques, I really love it all!  But I think if you looked back through my blog you would find a bunch of earth tons and raw edges.
lately I have been nuts with knits!  I almost seem to have forgotten that clothes can be made with any other fabric.  I am a bit new to knit fabric.  It was something I had always had a fear of.  That was until I purchased a walking foot.  I used the Lilly Giggle pattern Zina pattern as a starting point for the top.  I made a few changes such as the two piece A-line tunic shape.  I wanted to add buttons but nothing seemed to work.  I ended up using Babyville Boutique snaps.  I am glad the buttons had not worked because I really like how the snaps turned out on the ruffle.