Friday, September 18, 2015

Top Stitchers

Whooo Hoooo!!!! Guess what ladies, you will be seeing me on Top Stitchers this season.  Of course I am excited about this.  The Top Stitchers team has such amazing talent.  I was so impressed last season the amazing handmade items created.

This season I am up against my arch nemesis Jessica Bustos of Lil Luxe.  Just kidding, we are not nemesis's.  I have been testing Jessica's patterns for awhile now and I would consider her to be a good friend, so I may feel a bit bad when I kick her but
in this competition.  : )   I am totally kidding!  Jessica has won every competition I have seen her compete in, so Yikes!  I hope I can stack up. : )

Our prompt: Bacon Ice cream - You are chef of your own test kitchen. And your goal? Is to find two completely unexpected sewing ingredients that combine to form an explosive feast for the eyes to enjoy.

Fun right, That is if I can be creative : )  We were asked to interview our competitors. Here is how it went...

  • How long you've been sewing? What you most like to sew?

I’ve been sewing since I was about 9 when my mom taught me how to thread her machine.  That summer my siblings and I organized our own kid version of a neighborhood "carnival" with all the kids in our cul de sac. We had everyone bring their pets and created our own version of a "petting zoo," we made up wagon rides and came up with our own games for which I SEWED all the prizes. I made scrunchies, hacky sacks, bean bags, small stuffed animals, and coin purses. It was a lot of sewing for 9 year old!! All the parents were impressed, we had so much fun, I learned a new skill and I’ve been sewing ever since :)  
I like sewing for my girls…dresses, tops, skirts…really I just love sewing anything for them.  It makes me happy to see them in the clothes I make.  The bonus is they actually love the clothes I make them too.

  • When/Why you started blogging? Why did you pick that blog name?

I started blogging almost two years ago when I started Lil Luxe Collection so that I could share all of my creations with everyone.  I picked Lil Luxe Collection because I felt that the name conveyed my design aesthetic….designs are not too old and not too young, designs with just the right amount of flair in the right places, high end styles that you would love to buy in a store but maybe cant afford (like ME) so you make them yourself.

  • What are your crafty/bloggy aspirations?

I’d like to complete my catalog of girls patterns within the next 3-6 months, then I think i’d like to take a stab at women’s patterns.  I’d also like to start building on my website and blog with more tutorials, Lil Luxe pattern hacks and sponsorships with fabric companies or other.  I also really enjoy doing competitions….they really fuel my creative fire :)

  • Which of your past sewing projects best exemplifies your top-stitcher-ness?

I love all the competition pieces I’ve made (The Great Pattern HackIshi Dress) but my favorite is the dress I made for the OTT challenge for Pattern Revolution.  I combined a lot of different materials and used different techniques to create the look.

  • Why you want to be part of this series/season?
When I saw the prompts last season I knew I had to be in!  I’ve watched every season of Project Runway and this series has a similarity to it.  I love the how Becca and Audrey have put together the series this season and I’m excited to see everyone’s looks and get started on mine.

  • Where can new fans follow you? Which social media platform are you on the most?

  • Besides sewing, what other hobbies/skills/ interests do you have?

I play the violin.  I’m a bit rusty but I’m practicing again so that I can show my girls how to play when they’re ready. I love to Crochet and I’m planning on learning how to knit this winter too. 

  • What is the most unique material you have ever sewn with?

In college I took a Fashion/Architecture course and made a dress made out a funky mesh that I lined with interfacing to get the look I was going for.  Click on the link to see my process and final Guggenheim inspired dress .

  • What are you most comfortable sewing and what are you afraid of?

I’m most comfortable with woven and knit fabrics but I’m terrified of sewing with silky materials because messing up or having a wrinkled a hem would drive me nuts. 

  • Is there anything challenging that you want to sew?

This is going to sound crazy but one day I’d love to sew a wedding dress for my daughters!  My great aunt sewed my cousins wedding dress from scratch last November and it was so beautiful and meant so much to my cousin…I hope I can give that to my daughters on their special day.

  • What do you think about our prompt? Excited, nervous, afraid, happy?

I’m super excited about the OTT Bacon Ice Cream prompt!!  I already went fabric shopping today :)

  • What other big designers (not pdf designers) do you watch or influence you?

I’m not really a fashion guru…I don’t really follow any fashion designers or buy any brands in particular.  I love watching fashion shows and seeing pictures from New York Fashion week but I mostly just design things that I like.

So there you go : )  Keep watching...we are competing October 20th!  
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  1. Good Luck to both of you! Can't wait to see what you guys come up with! You are an inspiration to all sewers and want to be sewers!