Tuesday, July 16, 2013

And how I created that little number with dots

 The Oliver & S pattern does say to make the lining fabric shorter. You do not need to do that with this version.
I started off with a few changes to the patten.. First a added 3 inches to the fold side on the front.like the photo bellow : )

I than drew another line 3 inches down like my next photo

So I have kinda created a square on the front pattern. You will want to cut out the square when cutting the pattern. That is where your gather will be.
The next change to the pattern I made was to the side seams.

That is the bottom edge in the photo above. I drew a line 3 inches out and than drew a nice straight line up to the armpit. I did this on all side panels, front and back (just the sides).

Go ahead a cut your fabric. I used a very light weight cotton so that front gather would not be too bulky.

See that big square I was talking about earlier : ).
Now go ahead and follow the directions from O&S about joining the pieces. Remember the back will be sewn so no need for that button and loop.

This photo above  shows everything connected and the edges ironed. Next you will want to gather that square closed like the photo bellow-
Now you can make that little rectangle to cover the silly looking gather. Mine looks to be 5x3. Sew the edges and turn right side out.

Pin on top of the gather and sew to dress.

Now go ahead and follow the the O&S directions. When sewing the side seams together make sure to start at the armpit : ) otherwise if yours was like mine the bottom edges were not the perfect match in length and that would lead to a crooked dress. Sew the back as you hade done with the side seams. And hem the lining and the main.
Next I added gathered tulle to the lining. Whoops. I did not take pictures of that. I think the length of the tulle was about 6 inches. You could use other fabrics as well.
And now for my secret dots : )
Well I used no sew heat n bond. 
I ironed the red to the red. (Just folded it over and ironed. I than traced and cut circles and machine stitched it to the tulle. I have since the photos thrown this dress in the washer and dryer. My little circles folded from the heat of the dryer. So I do suggest if you use my method just let the dress air dry. 
Anyways, that's what I did : ) please let me know of you have any questions.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

My Flipped Rollerskate dress : )

Let me start with a few warnings.  First, I am the absolute worst at spelling/punctuation lady.  I am just really not very good at it and spell checker rarely catches it all.  Second this is my very first blog post ever, and I am kina nervous about sounding silly.   Hopefully I do not sound like a true crazy as my blog name suggest : ).

Anyways I am here in the blogging world because of this fantastic sewalong by FrancesSuzanne.  Its all about changing up a pattern.  Each month they give you a pattern and we the contestants flip it.  Like the flip this house tv show.  I do say contestant because a monthly winner is chosen.  I will admit that this month is one of my favorite and most hopeful months because...Oliver & S.  I love, LOVE, LLOOVVEE Oliver & S patterns.  I want those very cute picnic shorts, and the birthday dress, and the fairytale dress, man I could go on & on. Anyways, here is my flip : )

I should have also warned you of my love for the smiley face : )
I tried to stay kinda with the classic look of Oliver & S patterns.  I guess a little too much because I later saw they have a dress or top with a similar front.  I had gotten the idea from a Japanese pattern book.

So what changes I have made?
I closed up the back, created the open front with gather, and added a whole bunch of bounce to the side seams like 4 inchs each side. 

Look at this little ladies legs!  Poor girl, we are in Minnesota.  Some say the mosquito is our state bird : )  It's the loon really : )   

And this little number has a secret : )...
ok, she looks sad about the dots here but its just a front.  In my attempt to be artistic with this photo I asked her to not smile.  But she was really actually happy about those dots : )
I did take pictures of my process in this dress.  Look for them in my next post!
Thanks, Kimmie