Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Flip that Hoodie, November Flip

Its November already, wow this year sure has been cruzing by!  The Frances Suzanne "Flip this pattern" series is half way over, and oh what fun it has been!!!  The November pattern was such a great pick.  I love a pattern that I can use for years to come, and even better- for boys and girls.  The pattern chosen was The Hangout Hoodie by the Peek-a-Boo Pattern shop.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

My Sunki Flip

I have been so looking forward to this months Flip This Pattern for the year long sew-along with Francessuzanne.com. This month we were asked to flip the Sunki pattern by Figgy. I have had this pattern saved in my mind for a future purchase, when Mila is a little bigger. Well a flip is the perfect excuse to pick up the pattern a little early.
Oh I love that Mila is getting a little bigger and some of my favorite patterns are fitted for her size.  This pattern at 18 months was still a little to big.  Mila is in around 6-12 months clothes.  So with this flip part of the flip was adjusting the size to fit my chubby snuggy bebe.  Yes I call her a 100 different goofy names.  My neighbors must think I am a little goofy because I am sure they could hear my high pitched baby talk all summer long with those windows open.  Fall is finally here so the windows are closed a little more often and wool works great for the season and the season to follow.  This dress I made with the softest wool blend.  I picked it up at my local Hancock Fabrics.