Monday, August 12, 2013

My Tinny Flip

Thank you Frances Suzanne For choosing this pattern : ).  I have been wanting to purchase it.  And now this was my perfect excuse.  And I have to say I will be using the Tinny pattern many more times!  This is my second flip in the Flip This Pattern series.  You can find my first flip here
Warning again...possible horrible spelling and punctuation in my blog. 

My tinny flip was mostly about not making decisions.  I just loved every version of the tinny and loved the entire line of the fabric.  So the one decision I made was to just use it all. 
Excluding the collars, I had to make a decision on that, and it was not easy.   I made my Tinny mix up in size 1 in hopes my tinny baby girl will fit in the outfit some day.  She is 5 months.  Isn't she cute. She is still too Tinny though : )
And here is my flip...
I made the dress in three parts.
The Pleated top is probably my favorite part.  I kinda wish I would have gone with a little something less likely to show dirt.  It really did though turn out pretty.  I did add some width so that it would be easy to fit on without a zipper.
My back closure...
Cute little ducky buttons.  Ok to be honest I have never sewn a zipper and I am sure I could have done it.  Especially after those awesome instructions in the Straight Grain pattern, but this gave me the chance to use more fabrics and those cute little buttons.
And for the Skirts...

I just added yokes, I hope that is the correct word to use : ).    At least that is what a Farbenmix pattern had called it.  Oh, and I almost forgot...A close up of the fabric.  It is Once Upon A Storybook By Whistler Studios.
And the Collar.
Anyways, That was my flip, and two more photos of my adorable model!!!! In flip of course : )  And can any of you other bloggers out there help me.  How do I make all my photos larger??? : )