Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Madeit Fold 2 so Cool

First I must start with- please read the end of this post and how to win so cool stuff like fabric and patterns!!!

And hey, maybe a link to the pattern- http://www.madeit-patterns.com

I have sure been a slacker when it comes to blog posts haven't I!  It has been awhile.  Not that I have not been sewing.  I have!  Lot's of
pattern testing but not so many blog tours!  This post just happens to be A Real Blog Tour!  Madeit is BACK, and with some amazing modern patterns for children.

Madeit's Fold 2 inspiration was origami.  Lots of fabric folds and bold straight lines make these patterns stand out.  I tested 3 of the new patterns.  The balloon dress, the pleat fold top, and the pleat fold skirt.  All three I completely love!

This tour is more of a runway show but I was not getting much love on the runway moves by these girls. : )

1st down the catwalk.  Ms. Mila, wearing the balloon dress...

Nope, not doing the catwalk and not wearing shoes (she currently has a fear that frogs are in her shoes)

This dress can be worn three ways.  Maxi, bubble dress and  as a gathered waist dress.  No, this is not three different dress's, but one dress worn three ways.  It is so comfy and Mila wears it often!

Next up, Ms. P in the pleat fold top and skirt.

Just lovely, right?  I think so!!!  This outfit is one of my favorite things to date that I have created.  It looks complex, but really is so simple.

I used baby cord for the skirt and voile for the top.  I have been hoarding the voile for to long!  Time to bring it out!  Is this not the most perfect top for the fabric or what : )!!!

It is just so pretty : )

On to the next blog for the next runway show!  Thanks for stopping and visiting mine : )

Wait !  Wait ! Wait!!!!  I have a note from Olu for you!  You know one of the fab ladies from Madeit : )  They may just be giving a way some stuff! 

Olu's Note-   Hi Ladies

You already know that we are offering 20% off patterns in our FOLD collection during Fashion Week, but we are also giving away a Madeit pattern a day.

Here's how your readers can win...

all they have to do is correctly answer a question related to the Fashion Show that I will post on Facebook or Instagram at random times of the day. (The question will mean they will have to visit your blogs to find out the answer). The first person who correctly answers the question will win a pattern of their choice from the FOLD Collection. 

And this is how they can win a €50 NOSH voucher...

All they have to do is leave a comment on Needle and Ted on day 7 of Fashion Week (Sunday 6 September) letting me know what the highlights of the Fashion Shows were for them. I will pick a winner from the comments and the winner will be notified by email the following week.
And I will be doing another giveaway on Instagram to win the other €50 Nosh voucher. Look out for the prompt.
Alright!  That note was meant for me, I probably should have wrote it in my own words.  But it's a football practice night.  I am running behind, and it kinda sounds cute, right! : ) By the way, I wrote this post a few weeks ago.  I have been maybe driving Olu crazy with my confusion or just lack of reading instructions.  So yes I did post a post last week : ), I have not been quite as neglectful to my blog as I originally stated : )


  1. Beautiful! Great job as always!

  2. Gorgeous! Love your little models, and the clothes are amazing!!!

    1. Thanks Emi! I do love how they turned out !!!

  3. Kim, you make me laugh so much. I LOVE your blog post (especially the end bit), what you made is STUNNING. Thank you for being part of Madeit Fashion Week. AND for being a BRILLIANT tester. All your confusion actually brightens up my day. xx

    1. Glad to bring you a smile : ) Thank you so much for the great complement and wonderful patterns!!! Sorry for being such a scatter brain : )

  4. Kim your outfits are just gorgeous! and I love the fabric you used for the Pleat Fold top, the colours and print are fab!
    Thank you so much for taking part and for all your hard work as one of our fabulous testers :)