Saturday, April 18, 2015

Liebster Award for MEEE : )

I am so very excited to have been awarded the Liebster Award.  I was awarded the award by Grandma XOXO whom happens to be one of my favorite bloggers!  I believe I found XOXO grandma first as a fellow competitor of Project Run and Play  and have always followed her since via Google +.  Did you know Google plus also has a whole community of sewing enthusiast?  It's almost a whole new world of online sewing friends.  This post has taken me way way way too long to complete.  Urg, we, I, have been sooo busy and life is slowly starting to slow down.   I am finally ready to post this post. : )!!!

If you are not familiar with the Liebster award I can fill you in quick.  The award is kinda about recognizing some of the smaller blogs.  You must have less than 200 followers to qualify.  I have 1 : ) on google.  So I would sure love some more love : ).  The blogger awarded the award is just asked to answer some simple questions about our selves.  So here we go.

1.  Do you have a favorite thing to sew? 

For Sure : ) !  I love to make girls clothes.  I think probably jackets would be my very favorite.  Strangely I have only sewn a few.  But girls clothes is what I sew 95% of the time.
I just created that one as a test for Lil Luxe!  Love It!!!: )

That little number was a Amelie & Henry Pattern.

2.  What got you into sewing, and what keeps you going with it? And 3.  Who do you sew for the most?

I had sewn a little bit when my first son (and before that a little) was born but kinda gave up, lost interest.  He is 13 almost 14 now.  Somewhere along the way like 6 years ago I came across this book.

And for real, I was amazed!  I must have read the book 15 times and starred at the pictures a thousand times more. I loved it and started to sew again and sell my girls clothes on ETSY.  Well, making the same thing over and over and over and not charging enough for my time tired me out.  Can you believe I sold this skirt for $35 in the beginning!  I made each of those embroidery design too (on a machine) Oh my gosh I was crazy!!!  Eventually the price went way up.  But I was still tired out and kinda stepped back from selling on Etsy.
I now sew primarily for my daughter and share my photos on FacebookInstagram, and right here on my Blog.  I have big thoughts of getting back to sewing and selling what I create, but lets see if I follow through.  

4.  What project has been your biggest splurge?

Hmmm, that is a hard one.  I would have to say my daughters room.  I purchased allot of Moda fabrics.  I made sheets, a quilt, a bed skirt, and changing pad cover.  I then made a few outfits with the left over scraps.  This is not the best image!  It looked a whole lot cuter in person : ).

5.  As a blogger/seamstress what is something that you struggle with?
Time! Time! Time!  Oh wait, I should be saying SPELLING, PUNCTUATION, GRAMMAR Yikes, its embarrassing.  But I love to share so I just am gonna have to put my self out there and hope nobody notices (although I am sure most do).  Back to the time problem...Urg, I think about sewing much more than I actually sew or blog.  I also have a hard time focusing and completing a project.  I work a little better under pressure and short deadlines I think. 

6.  What was the first thing you remember sewing?

My mom had sewn a lot for me when I was little.  I remember making barbie clothes with her scraps and a needle and thread.  As an adult I think I started with pajama pants for my boys. Wowza they lasted along time to.  Most pairs made it through all three boys : ).

7.  What is your guilty pleasure?
I bet I can answer that for most of us seamstress, quilters, etc...  Fabric!  I have way to much!.  I also maybe have bought a few more PDF patterns than I need. : ).  Oh but the examples are always so pretty!!!  I am hoping to make a camera lens's a guilty pleasure.  But they are kinda spendy.

8.  How did your blog get its name? 
mmmm, I really do not like my blog name.  But I feel it is a little late to change it.  I was trying to think of something original and catchy.  Well, Kimmie Sew Crazy is not so original I later learned.   But it works I guess : ).

9.  Is sewing a hobby for you, or something more?

Way more!  Sewing has became my passion.  I know that it will be a very important part of my life forever.  I hope someday I am able to find a way to make sewing part of my career. 
10.  What is the best book you read in the last year? 

By day I am a daycare provider, so children's books are my main read.  My very favorite books are Mercer Mayer books.  I adore every one of them and the children do too! Oh I can not leave out "We Are Going On A Bear Hunt".  That may be the very best book ever written.  It has always been the most favorite of every child I have cared for.  The trick is to read it with lots of emotion : )!

Now it is time to pass on the torch to a few of my favorite bloggers!

Thank you so much for stopping

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  1. Loved Reading this Kimmie! I love Mercer Mayer books too! Love your blog & your creations. I've wondered, do all of us that love sewing & creating wish we could figure out a way to actually make money from it without doing repetitive sewing? Hugs!