Monday, March 23, 2015

I Added Some Detail! The Ziggy

Thank you, Thank you Thank You Olu  of Needle and Ted and Anna both part of
Madeit Patterns!!!  I may have already said that a few times via email but I do really mean it.  Why do I say thank you to these ladies?  Because they requested I be part of this tour/challenge/fun, and because of that I was given this fab Ziggy top pattern that I think is completely AWESOME!

Yes I said a challenge!  We were asked to add a little detail to the Ziggy.  So I did.  And I did so twice.  The first was more of a flip where I actually changed the pattern pieces so I figured I ought to just add detail and leave the pattern as is as well.  I think I will start out with that one.  My just a little detail added Ziggy-

What I did here was actually pretty simple.  First off I used a very light weight jersey knit so I doubled it up for the whole pattern.  This fabric was a score at $1.50 a yard.  Whoot for me : )!  OK back to the top.  I made a wide ruffle that was about three times the width of the front and back and maybe 6"wide pieces.  I ruffled it, sewed it right into the shoulder seams and stitched it down.  If you want to try this my one suggestion is PIN, PIN, and more PINING.  My back side is a little crooked because I did not pin enough.  You can't tell though.  The weight of the ruffle weighs it to the center anyway.

(see the shoulder seams)  I love this picture : )!

I honestly almost threw this top out.  I was despising it and feeling defeated until I added the ric rac.  Now I LOVE it!  It has a fun whimsical maybe even a little earthy look.

Few more pics : )

As you can see the ruffle was doubled up with fabric too : )

On to #2 which was actually #1 because I made it first.  I made this one first with the intent to make the original pattern but was short on fabric so I changed it up a bit in the process : ).

To start out I shortened it.

I cut the back piece into two pieces.  The bottom half was cut wider so that I was able to add the pleat in the center.  This top also had a high low cut.

The fabric was not all that stretchy but is so very pretty and so very difficult to photograph,  You just can not really see those soft pink pastel flowers.  This top was really created for Spring!  I can't believe it but Spring is actually here!  Now lets bring on the green grass and leaves!  Wait...I guess we are getting snow before this post will even post.  Tear drop!  Oh, Spring will come, it's just a little hard to wait for it.

Shorts and Hat are Elegance and Elephants patterns (note that the hat should have a stiffer interfacing) but I like this one anyway : )
boots are from target a few seasons ago : )
shoes if you can even see them are from Joyfolie a few seasons ago
And of course of course the ZIGGY pattern is from Madeit  Click right there or on the GIANT 20% off graphic bellow-
20% off Ziggy

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    1. Love it as usual girl! That first (second) one is so cool! Very poncho-esque which I love! And the second one has one of my favorite back details: a pleat with a bow at the center. I made a coat for my girl last winter with a detail like that and I've lamented it this season not doing it again this year. Great job!!

      1. I love the pleat too! I was kinda glad I ran out of fabric and had to do this : ) Thank you!!!

    2. I am going to have to copy the one at the top. Incredible!

      1. Share please! I love that :)!!! Thank you! I do really love it too. It may be one of my favorite things I have ever made. It was one of those last minute things. Those always seem to turn out better than when I try to plan.

    3. I am going to have to copy the one at the top. Incredible!

    4. I want it for me! Your pictures are lovely!

      1. Thank you!!! They look like they were taken in the Fall. I can't wait for those trees to turn green.

    5. Love this! I usually don't like ric rac, but the way you used the ric rac here is awesome! I adore that hat with the felt flower too.

    6. Love these Kim! You did a great job. I love using cream and light colored fabric but I agree they are the worst to photograph!

      1. They are! You just can't seem to see the detail in this fabric but it is gorgeous fabric! Thank you Lisa : )

    7. Gosh Kim, your Ziggys are inspiring.

    8. I love that the ruffled Ziggy is so chic boho! That back pleat and bow is adorable!

      1. Thanks Sam! I love them too! There are lots of options in changing this top up!

    9. i love both versions! The colors on the ruffle one go so well together. :) and i love how it drapes. The bow one is just so cute! So chic. :)

      1. Thank you! I did get so lucky with this fabric! It was so light I thought I had just wasted my money. Glad I grabbed it : )

    10. I LOVE both of your Ziggys!! The first one is amazing! Wow! And the second one is adorable! (I am a sucker for bows! I always struggle with myself not to bow-i-fy everything... :) )

    11. This top had me swooning! Such a great job :)