Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Dressage Leggings for a little running girl And Frances Suzanne's Flip This Pattern

Just about this time last year I tested the LOL Swing top.  See that original post here.  Along with the LOL Swing top I had created those grey pants, shown above.  We have the cutest little worn out runner toddlers here, don't we : ).   Well I had
promised in my original post a tutorial on how the pants were created.  Of course I ended up side tracked.  Now, a year later, we have a tutorial for you.  I say we because I asked Jen if she would have any interest in creating the tutorial.  I knew she would be able to make much more sense than I.  Plus, I love the illustrations in her patterns and these pants are perfect with her new Dressage Leggings.   Jenn from Jennuine designs has graciously created a real tutorial!  Visit Jenn's blog for her post or go straight to the tutorial here!

Look at my little baby.  She is just not a runner : )

Wait, Wait. 
 I have two things to post about today.  I have also GOT to tell you that I am to participating in the Frances Suzanne Series Flip This Pattern!  I flipped the Franklin Dress by Brooklyn Pattern Company.  Please Please check out that post too : )  I have spent the last few months obsessing over that post :).  Ok, fine!  Here is a little sneak of my creation.  But there is more than one, so head over there to see them all.

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