Monday, February 16, 2015

One Thimble Blog Tour Part 2 Animals

Kissy Kissy : )  What else would a girl do if given
two puppets!  Welcome back to part two of my One Thimble E-Magaizine tour.  This is going to be a quick stop because I kinda explained everything in part 1, you can find that here. Part 1 post was all about this bag-

This post is not about that bag.  But it's pretty cute so I thought I should sneak it in : ).  This post is about some furry little friends.  No, not the real live kind that my children would love to have but furry friends that will fit on your fingers.  The Woodland Finger Puppets are one of the PDF patterns in issue 6 of the One Thimble E-Magazine.  You can grab the Magazine with all 10 PDF patterns plus a bunch more info or you can grab the single Woodland Creatures PDF pattern on the One Thimble website.  Let's meet the characters shall we...

Yes, we have a missing character.  Mila took off with the Unicorn last week and he has not been found.  Believe me I have searched EVERYWHERE! He's a cute one.  I promise!

Unlike the Outta Time Bag I have had these little creatures made up for awhile.  I was hoping today to get the chance to make a little stage for the puppets and get some cute pictures of them in action.  No Stage still but I did get some action shots : )

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  1. Your creations are adorable! I just posted about your blog - let me know what you think.