Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Flip that Hoodie, November Flip

Its November already, wow this year sure has been cruzing by!  The Frances Suzanne "Flip this pattern" series is half way over, and oh what fun it has been!!!  The November pattern was such a great pick.  I love a pattern that I can use for years to come, and even better- for boys and girls.  The pattern chosen was The Hangout Hoodie by the Peek-a-Boo Pattern shop.


I made a few changes.  A few weeks ago I walked into Gymboree and saw this dress.  It was adorable but sold out in Mila's size.  This dress was my inspiration. I pared up my inspiration dress with some fabric I was given for my birthday this summer and
 Whaaa Laaaa- a little hang out hoodie dress was created.
Gymboree is all about appliques so I thought I would follow suit with my favorite animal.  I purchased this applique from my very favorite embroidery design shop Hang to Dry Applique.
When I first started sewing I was so inspired by Farbenmix.  Farbenmix is a German pattern shop that really creates some amazing designs. They also use a lot of appliques, ribbons, bows, etc... A lot of there hooded patterns include a long hood.  Not sure if there is a special name for it, by I used that type hood with this dress.
I also gathered the bottom of the dress and added a band for a bubble look.  It really turned out fun and cute I think : ).  Here are a few more photos...
My Little Helper.  Notice my boys always seem to have helmets on : )

Yep, we feed her camera lenses.  This is how we got a few of those smiles.

Thanks for viewing : )


  1. awww I love that you made it a dress.. it looks so warm and cozy for fall! I made mine into a dino jacket... Loved this months challenge pattern... Emily@nap-timecreations.com

    1. Thanks! I love this one too and your Dino jacket is adorable! : )