Sunday, October 13, 2013

My Sunki Flip

I have been so looking forward to this months Flip This Pattern for the year long sew-along with This month we were asked to flip the Sunki pattern by Figgy. I have had this pattern saved in my mind for a future purchase, when Mila is a little bigger. Well a flip is the perfect excuse to pick up the pattern a little early.
Oh I love that Mila is getting a little bigger and some of my favorite patterns are fitted for her size.  This pattern at 18 months was still a little to big.  Mila is in around 6-12 months clothes.  So with this flip part of the flip was adjusting the size to fit my chubby snuggy bebe.  Yes I call her a 100 different goofy names.  My neighbors must think I am a little goofy because I am sure they could hear my high pitched baby talk all summer long with those windows open.  Fall is finally here so the windows are closed a little more often and wool works great for the season and the season to follow.  This dress I made with the softest wool blend.  I picked it up at my local Hancock Fabrics.  If you are near Mankato MN this is an amazing fabric store.  I have loads of very nice knit fabrics I have picked up for $1 to $2 a yard.  They purchase end of bolts from there supplier and pass on the savings to us!  I love it : ).  Ok so back to my flip...yes, the wool is soft and wonderful.  I did make a few more changes than to size as well. 
I removed the curve from the top part of the bodice and rounded the neckline a little as well.  I also only used a 3/8th seam allowance for a better fit on my smaller sized baby.  I also added a planket to the top bodice as well.  I used the same method as shown here.  I added a pleat to each pocket.  That is maybe my favorite part of the dress/tunic. 

I completely removed the sleeves and added a tiny raw edge ruffle.
I also topstitched everywhere with a stitch that looked a little like hand stitching. 

I put buttons on the back instead of the zipper.  I thought the buttons looked pretty and vintage. The dress is fully lined. I also kept this pretty short.  Mila is 7 months and at the starting to crawl stage so long dresses just get in the way at this age.  I also sewed up a matching diaper cover.  I used the free pattern from here. I love this pattern and can not believe it is free.  It is so useful : )
Anyways that was my flip.  Here are a few more pictures

My two older boys were my helpers this time.  This is what they spent most of there time doing instead of helping me. But they sure loved there turn at photos : )

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