Friday, November 15, 2013

A test for Figgy

I was soooo happy to get the opportunity to test a pattern for Figgy.  I have been a big fan since I had first seen the SCIROCCO Pattern.  What a pretty dress and I just loved how the back had that cute twist.  Figgys pattern are so modern but still sweet and easy to read.  She is another one of those pattern designers whom seam to teach you a new sewing lesson with each pattern purchase.  To be honest I have just been dyeing to test a pattern!!!  I have a hard time coming up with something to sew or just seem to have to many ideas of what I would like to sew but never seem to get any of my ideas completed.  Contests and pattern testing seem to keep me on a straigt line-and I get the project done.  Well, enough about me. 
Lets talk about this new pattern.  It's called the Celestial Pullover. 
I tested the pattern in size 18 months.  Mila is just starting to get into the size and I think the top fit her well now and will fit her for probably another 6+ months.  The pattern is for knits.  I used a sturdy two way stretch knit I had picked up at Joann's.  I am no expert with knits and I truly had no problem sewing this up. (Can I give you a big hint when it comes to a walking foot!  Everything turns out perfect with a walking foot)
I think I could cut and sew one up in 30 minutes if I were able to find that kind of uninterrupted time : ). 
The pattern also includes pockets in the side seam, and look at the cute dip in the back! I can see making this for Mila for years to come.  I think it will be available in sizes up to 16
Here is a few more photos.

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