Monday, January 5, 2015

Lil Luxe added Sleeves!

This post does contain affiliate links although as usual I love this pattern and my feeling expressed our 100% true : )
Look at my little baby, she is actually posing for
me : )  Of course it has to be with that pony, but she is posing.  I now take that board she is standing on out and she will walk right over to it, stand on it and smile "cheese".  I love it!!!  No, that is not my real floor.  We have brown carpet which is lovely but not on camera.  OK, back to the reason for this post!  Lil Luxe has added sleeves to the ever classic Alley Cat Romper.  I tested the original, the first version, see bellow.

Cute, right!?  : )  Yikes, I think I need to get those shoes for Mila again this summer.  Gosh they are cute!
The pattern does not include a skirt but Lil Luxe does give instructions on her blog for that alteration.  I just kinda made up my own skirt in my two dress versions: ).

The long sleeve version did change up the bodice a bit so for long sleeves there is a whole new bodice pattern.  Both of course are included in the new updated pattern.

I do really love this pattern and now with the sleeve option I love it even more.  Sleeveless is not really a Minnesota winter option.

I made one last version.  I added a skirt of course instead of the pants and shorted and widened the sleeves.
I love it!!!

Grab the pattern HERE in the Lil Luxe Shop

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