Monday, December 15, 2014

Quick, Simple,Cute, and lots of options

It is freezing here.  Can you tell by that picture above.  Well actually today, yesterday and
the day before have been kinda warm, but normally...its freezing.  In the winter I should say.  When I say freezing I mean like bellow zero freezing.  Warm clothes/hats/scarves are kinda a requirement.  This is the exact reason I jumped at the chance to t
est the new Heidi & Finn pattern All In One Hooded Scarf Pattern.  Well that plus I love all of Christine's patterns.

There are a whole bunch of options with this one.  In the beginning the pattern started as the version I have shown above but with many ear options.  It now includes the short snapped or buttoned scarf as well as a long wrap around scarf.


So I started with two, but now I have like 5 or 6 of these done.  My intentions are to give them as Christmas gifts to all of the little ones I care for during the day.

Unfortunitly I did not get the chance at to many pictures but hopefully you have seen all the awesome examples on Facebook  and everywhere else: )

This pattern is aviable in sizes 6m-12 years and really the largest size fits adults just fine! : )

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  1. oh dude. this is ridiculously adorable. I saw the main pic and i was like "NO WAY" because i can't believe HOW CUTE THIS IS!