Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop

Oh man!  Can you believe it : )  I am posting about something other than testing sewing patterns!  I am kinda surprised myself!  To be honest I am extremely very excited to be part of this blog hop.  I was invited to
participate by Lyn at Sew Out Of Control.  We met on Facebook and she is really the reason I started blogging in the first place.  I will explain that a little more later : ).  By the way I am completely flattered by the wonderful things Lyn had said.  I have to say I feel the same way about her work.  The rain coat she created had so much detail.  I am just not sure if I could have made something so perfect!  If you would like to work your way back please let me know if you find the beginning : ).

So what is this hop all about?  It's about getting to know each other, seeing what we love to create from bloggers around the world.  I was given a few questions to answer.  The same same questions as the blog hop bloggers before me.  And than I will pass the blogging torch on to the next creative mind. 

How about I get started.

Question 1-  What am I working on now?

I just now completed a test for Heidi & Finn.  The pattern was for a jacket/cardigan depending on the fabric you use.  I went with a jacket.
It turned out adorable!  I wish I could show off a good picture of the shorts as well.  They are Mouse House Creations  (affiliate) Clover shorts.  I purchased the pattern just for the use with tights.  I can't wait to make a pair in wool or that flannel shirting at Joann's.  I am going to be doing a whole separate post about this outfit later today HOPEFULLY!  Ahhhh is that not the cutest though : ).  Now that this is complete I plan to create a flip for the Flip this Pattern series at Frances Suzane.   It is the Brownie Goose Hattie dress.  I LOVE BG! : )  That aught to be a bumper sticker!  I have made a ton of BG patterns but not since Mila has been born.  So I am not really sure if I want to flip it.  We will see I guess.  After that I plan to move mu very wonderful entire bedroom sewing space to the very small laundry room with no windows : (.  I have to, My daughter needs her own room and not to have to share with all my daycare girls.  It's such a mess every day.  My sewing room is too.  Maybe a smaller space will force me to stay organized!  I am also trying to learn a little more about my camera, and editing photos.  I have found that I really love to take pictures and I would love to learn all the techniques I can.  At the moment I am working on the focusing functions. 

Question 2- How Does my work Differ from others of it’s Genre?

This is kinda really hard to do now days.  I definitely take inspiration from others not only the super expensive designer children's wear I see on Pinterest but others creations I see on Facebook and blog posts and the amazing Japanese sewing pattern books I find on Ebay .  I really try hard to use different fabrics.  I honestly spend way too much time walking around the fabric store trying to find an original fabric.  I also love to use raw edges.  That is sometimes a bit different I think.  The photo bellow is a pattern I found in a Japanese pattern book (turned English)  The pattern smallest size was for 4.  I am pretty proud that I turned it to a size 1 : ).  Oh and I guess I lied above because those are BG Lola Bell Pants on her.

Question 3- Why Do I Write/Create what I Do?

Lets start with why do I create.  Completely Honest, I have no idea why I do this.  I am somewhat obsessed.  It's often cheaper to just buy an outfit, and it sure takes allot less time, but I love it!!!! I could spend days and days sewing!  I wish I would have discovered this along time ago.  I may have made a career out of it.  For now it is more of a hobby.  I do sell some clothing in my Etsy shop, but most of all I like to create one of a kind outfits for my little girl.  My mom did sew clothes for me when I was younger.  I bet somewhere out there is a photo of me in my mom created floral MC Hammer pants : ).  I am sure part of my sewing obsession started way back then.  Even though I was very embarrassed to wear those pants.  Sorry Mom : )
The second part of that question is why do I write.  My very first post was for the Frances Suzanne series Flip This Pattern.  After that post I realized what an amazing community the online sewing world is : ).  I have made friends who are just as obsessed about there hobby as I am. It's sure nice to know I am not the only one : ).  I think these people (Lyn, and a few others) are the reason I have continued to blog.  Ok, and I guess I kinda like the comments and wonderful feedback : ).  I know I overuse that smiley face!  I am also starting to Love photography and blogging is really the only way I can think of to showcase that.

How Does my Writing/Creating Process Work?

Well I over think everything.  When writing I am always completely worried about sounding like a weirdo!  I hope I do not.  I do the writing part just off the top of my head.  I do not organize my thoughts.  I just start typing.  I am also very aware of my horrid spelling and punctuation.  I am sorry.  When I was in high school I had no idea blogging would be part of my future and I guess I should have listened more in English class.  Or maybe just showed up more often : ).  My grandmother use to return my letters I would write her with corrections!  Ha, I wish I still had one to share!  My creating process is just as scatter brained.  I usually walk the fabric store for 1.5 hours.  I than take it home and end up just using something in my fabric stash.  I do kinda have a hard time be creative when I just start making something.  I guess that's why I like testing patterns.  That way I am given a direction and can focus all my creativity on fabric and little extra's.  I am hoping to kinda step back from the testing a little bit and create some of the clothing patterns I have had for so long but never sewn.  I may do a little more blogging about that!

So now I am to pass along the virtual blogging torch to someone who inspires me.  I am sending you to Ines at lafoliesewingbooth.  She makes such sweet little outfits for her girls!  And I just love the cute Birthday cakes she created for her daughter : ).  We have tested a few (probably allot) of patterns together.  And I think she is located all the way over there in Portugal.  Look for her post next week.  And thanks for reading my blabber : )



  1. Awe, thanks love! You're too awesome and kind :) And keep blogging - it's so wonderful to hear about all those things that make you tick. Your work is absolutely stunning, and even you aren't testing you can still do up your blog posts about each wonderful pattern you finally get around to sewing up!!!

    1. Oh! And where is the link to your Etsy shop lady!!!???