Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Mini post about a super cute Jacket

I Love IT!  I know I say that all the time, but its true all the time : )  This is the most recent test I
have done for Heidi & Finn- The Girly Cardigan Jacket.  As you can see I did the Jacket.
I used a velvet type fabric from Joann's.  I found it in the children's wear section.  I just went back and bought a bunch more.  It's just so pretty and does well with this jacket pattern.  The jacket can be done in knit as well as woven fabrics.  It can also have a ruffle or with pleats like I have done.  Oh yes, and although I did not choose the reversible option, there is one : )

We did two quick little photo shoots with this one.  Not because I could not get a cute picture but becuase I forgot to change the poor girls diaper before I left and we forgot to bring a bag.  Silly me : ).  Well the heavy diaper sagged down the shorts and I wanted to show those off too.  I made them as well of course : ).  Here is my super saggy pants shirt hanging out picture.  Oh I am kinda sad about that because everything else about this picture I love!  It was taken at an old train station in town turned office building.  Isn't that sad!  I would so love to see what it was like.  The outside is still very pretty.  Well most of it anyway.
Geez when are we going to get all that fall color.  It's still kinda green here!  Here are a few more pictures!

and those super cute shorts to match!  They are  The Clover Shorts (affiliate)

Thanks Again for visiting!
I love this one!  It looks like she is waving goodbye to someone leaving on the train : )


  1. Can an outfit be any cuter?

  2. Oh wow wow wow. So amazingly beautiful (as always of course). Great job Kim. And that photo, honestly, would pick it apart so harshly because it really is a beautiful shot!!

    1. Thank you! I am not sure how I missed this comment before. But thank so much for the nice words :)