Monday, August 4, 2014

Lily Giggle is Back On

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OMGosh!!!Can you believe this fantastic news!  Yes I know I can be a little silly but I am genuinely very excited about the return of Lily Giggle Sewing patterns.  I became a big fan many years ago when I first saw the Zinna Dress in a photo on Brownie Goose's Blog (by the way she is another fabulous designer).  I purchased the pattern immediatly and I actually did sew it up immediatly!  I than began purchasing more and more of the patterns.  When I heard the news LilyGiggle would be closing shop I was genuinely sad, sad like when Guns n' Roses split up  and. But hey they are back.  Not the original GNR, but Lily Giggle!  And they are not just back but back with a vengeance.  Meaning she has a bunch of new patterns and some revamped old patterns.  Anyways, If I would have just started with the photos than I would have had you with that : )

Lets start with the skirt!
Warning...My skirt was at testing stage.  There were a
few changes.  I think the changes were just with making that green ruffle a little wider and more ruffled.

Look at those beautiful ruffles!  Lily Giggle is kinda known for that, fun girly ruffles.

You might think all of those ruffles might mean a lot of time, most of us mom sewers have very little of that.  The good news...all of these ruffles do not mean allot of time!  I was surprised at how quick this baby sewed up.

My skirt was pretty wild and crazy but I saw a few sweet and romantic versions.  Make sure to check those versions out too : )

I asked little Miss P to hold up 5 fingers and pretend like its her 5th birthday.  Well that just did not make any sense to her because she is not 5 so she held up 4 fingers.  Well that does not make much sense to me because Miss P is 3 : ).

OK, now on to my second test!  Once again this is the testing version.  I believe there were a few changes made.  I believe it may have been made a little shorter.

I adore this dress!  I actually plan to list it in my Etsy shop, and maybe make a bunch more if there are any non-sewist out there reading my blog.  I used the Ghastlies fabric by Alexander Henry.  This version is from a few years ago but I belive there is a new line this year. 

This pattern does not call for a giant bow in the front but I just had to add it because for 1.  I used a very tissue knit that was just to thin for the ruffle and 2.  I thought it would give a fun cutsie goth type look that would match that fabric of the skirt.  I love it!

I really think she looks like an American Girl doll in this picture : )

So that is my test for  Lily Giggle I know you are just dying to create your own version so go grab a few new patterns at Lilly Giggle and make sure to watch for all of those other tester versions online.  

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