Thursday, July 31, 2014

Another Jennuinely adorable pattern by Jennuine Designs

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Oh man she does it again!  Yep, another adorable pattern for little girls and let me tell you this one is versatile as much as it is adorable! Back in I think April I had the opportunity to test Jenn's first ever clothing pattern -The Matinee Dress (Click here to see my Matinee test).  I was so in love with the Matinee
Dress pattern I had made Mila an Easter dress out of it.  Well, Way back then during testing Jenn showed us a sneak peak of her next pattern, nameless at the time.  I am pretty sure
us testers were all hoping to get our hands on it.  Well, I happened to get lucky again and here I am, telling you about adorable pattern #2 of Jenn's clothing pattern line- the LOL Swing Top.
Um did I say I am part of a pattern tour.  I love writing those words, it makes me feel like I am part of a team.  I guess I am : )  Make sure to stop at all of these hot-spots!

Ready for a super cute photo?

Around here; maybe everywhere, running seems to be the coolest thing.  Everybody is a runner and LOL there daughter too, Pun intended : ).  When I think racer-back I think of running. So I went for the sporty look.  Is she cute or what!

Should I tell you about the top?  Well as you can see in the photo above the back really swings,  Lots of flow for little girls and that pretty much means they are likely to spin around.  There is a little bit of a gather in the center front and the back as well.  The top can be sewn up in knit as well as cotton.  I bought a twin size knit sheet set last year on clearance at target for $12.  I was able to get this top made in size 2 out of the pillow case.  Well the pink parts anyways.

All that running can sure make a girl tired.

Taking pictures of the back are just to easy with this top : )

Oh and the pants are kinda a sneak peak at a hopeful future tutorial.  They are self drafted.

Remember when I said that this top was versatile?  It's awesome to me how much the fabric can change the look of a top.

Since I had a little time in my family's busy baseball season schedule I decided to try it in woven.  WOW is all I can say because it is so beautiful!!!  I wish I could tell you the exact fabric used.  I picked it up at Hancock Fabrics.  It has tiny little stripes in white and dark grey and has a really pretty drape.   And yes I have a ton of photos to share and probably 200 more on my computer.  I was kinda excited to use my new camera lens my real photographer friend refereed me to.

The Woven version has a button closure on the shoulder.  I choose to be a rebel and use a shiny silver snap.

And here is a little bit of that gathering

See the drape and the fluffyness of the back : )  Pretty huh?

Thanks for viewing!  And don't forget to grab your LOL Swing Top right HERE and save 20% with the discount code LOLRelease until August 7th.


  1. Oh, man! Am I loving these two very different versions! From a cool and comfy running tank to a little more dressed up version - it's so great to see the versatility! Thanks so much for testing again for me, Kim!

    1. I am loving the pattern Jenn : ) thanks for letting me test again!

  2. I Love it! I bought the pattern this morning... can't wait to get started!

    1. You will love it! Jenn has a flicker group and a facebook group. You should share photos when you are done : )

  3. As always, I love your versions! And, I LOVE Those pants! I am subscribed and waiting for the tutorial!!!

    1. Ah Thanks Shelly! I hope I can be quick about it

  4. I Love both your versions Kim!! Love the fabric choices! Pretty Pretty Pretty!! And those girls are adorable!!! :)

  5. These are both fantastic!!! Such a fun evidenced in your photo shoot.