Monday, June 19, 2017


I just happen to LOVE Straight Grain Patterns!  So participating in the blog tour was a no brainier : )!

I have been on such a knit fabric kick lately that it was nice to create something just for Mila and in a woven fabric.  I used this raccoon Alexander Henry print.   

I made a few changes to the pattern 1st- I made it way shorter.  This is a 4 with a two length and still another inch shorter because of how I hemmed this dress.  I made some little bloomers to match.  I also accidentally did the pleats incorrectly (that is because I was rushing)  I did not have enough fabric to redo so I had to just leave it.  Looks gorgeous anyways : )

The back has two pleats as well.

So why do you want this pattern?  Well look at this dress for one : )  It's a pretty sweet shape : ).  Options!  Yes this dress has more options than I can list!  Box pleats (as shown)  Flat pleats, single pleat, more pleat options, I just cant remember them all.  Sleeves, sleeveless, collar.  Ohhhh and I should not forget this pattern can be blended with a few other Straight Grain Patterns.

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  1. Completely vintage {and I'm loving the knee-socks}!! What a great idea to add beading . . .