Friday, August 12, 2016

First day of school with Made for Mermaids

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Just in case you are not much into reading it all and just like to look at the pictures : ) I'll post the deals first 20% off Made for Mermaids HERE with code M4MB2S
And the cute removable bows for socks by 421 Myers Design Studio $2 off with code 421ABC1 HERE

Tear drop Tear drop...yes first day of school ever will be here in a few weeks for my daughter.  OK, in real life, no tear drops,  She will be starting preschool which is just a few hours a day a few days a week.  Kindergarten...yes when that comes real tear drops.  Preschool does require a little headed to school sewing.  Mila aught to be the Best Dressed right : ).  Or will she arrive home covered in paint and glue?  Made for Mermaids has become one of my very favorite pattern companies so when I was asked to participate in this blog tour I jumped at the chance and had to feature two of my many M4M favs.

I decided to share my Harper Dress and the Samantha Skirt.  I went with a Moda vintage print fabric from my local quilt shop.  The line is called 30's playtime.  If my husband would allow it I would walk right back into the quilt shop and buy every last yard of the whole line because I am in love with it and it's no longer in print.

 Look at those cute little tiny elephants!!!  The Harper was a perfect match with this blue print and my daughters blue eyes.  Yes I am a dork.  I chose the blue to match her eyes.  Anyone else do that?  She has fantastic blue eyes : ).  I may be a bit biased since I am her mommy.

I love the Harper!  This was my first time sewing it up.  I shortened it because I wanted a more vintage look.  I like vintage length.  I think I just cut the skirt somewhere in between  the dress length and the tunic length and hopped for the best.  Yay, it worked.  This dress is my favorite think to date that I have sewn for Mila!  I paired it with big bow socks.  The bow socks is a new pattern by 421 Studios.  The Bows are actually removable and interchangeable.  She includes a template for making the bow and all required measurements.  They are AMAZING and I plan to have them in every craft fair I participate in.
You can grab the pattern for the socks HERE and make sure to use coupon code 421abc1 to receive $2 off your purchase.

I should maybe talk about outfit #2  : ).  The Samantha skirt!  I did change my look a little by stitching the straps to the outside of the waist band.  I just added a few inches to the length of the straps.  I see this skirt being part of Mila's wardrobe for years to come.  And probably in my Big Cartel shop as well.  It is cute and simple to sew.  In my opinion All M4M patterns are.  I LOVE that I do not have to cut off the edges when taping the patterns together.  Man, that cuts prep time in half it not more.  I think this skirt pairs perfectly with the vintage inspired fabric as well.

The back is just as cute as the front! : )  Plus allows for a more adjustable look/sizing.

This is really one really great blog tour with LOTS and LOTS of inspiration looks, so make sure to hit up every stop!!!!!  It's the last day so that make that easy : )

Coupon!  Awesome during the tour Make sure to use the code M4MB2S to save 20% off patterns.  So stock up! : )

Now be aware, I have lots more photos to share : )  They were just to cute to not overdo it : )

"whats that nogaroo cover you are wearing"

Sweetest little girls ever! : )

Hey you! Look at how cute we are in our Made for Mermaids outfits : )

They found a Cicada : ) They were pretty impressed by it's size

Thank you so much for stopping by !!!!!

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