Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hawthorne Threads and Lucy Star Dress

Hawthorne Threads and the Lucy Star Dress

 So...What happens when you combine the Lucy Star Dress with Hawthorne Threads?  How about one of the most adorable little dresses you have ever seen.  I have been waiting awhile for the Lucy Star Dress Release by Snazzie Drawers ever since setting my eyes on the doll versions. I had made the doll version in this post.  Once the pattern was released I knew that it had to be created in this new line by Hawthorne Threads- Cotton Tail.

This dress is meant to be dressy, but sew it up in a high quality cotton and it's an everyday dress that is a whole lot cuter than anything you could find at the Gap (by the way I love the Gap).

The custom prints by Hawthorne Threads is the perfect cotton line for this pattern.  They have a high thread count but are not thick.  With all the detail; this dress needs a thinner cotton.  If you have purchased any of Hawthorne Threads custom lines you know it has a different feel, it is crisp (still soft) and light weight.  Absolutely perfect for this pattern.

A Tips for sewing Hawthorne Threads lines- Use an extra sharp thin needle.  I used a needle meant for silk and it was perfect.  I also did not pre-wash the fabric.  The pre-washing is really a personal preference.  For me I like the outcome on woven fabrics without the pre-wash.  The fabric will come with a care tag for best sewing results.


This dress was Mila's Easter dress.  Every single person who looked at her complemented her on her dress : ).  She also spilt everything possible on the collar.  Really...everything.  I am not sure if it is the thread count or what but not a single stain, and the dress was not washed until the next day.

We just love photo shoots, uggg...no.  Really she is not a big fan  We need to run outside and play, then the photo shoots are just bit more fun!

Ok, now lets just bring on Spring Minnesota! 

Here are a few more pictures : )

Did you know if you leave off the skirt the Lucy Star Dress is a really cute top pattern as well : )

Here are a few other items I have sewn up with the Cotton Tail Line

This top pattern is by See Kate Sew the Manhattan Blouse

Last three : )  A review for Pattern Revolution, Foo Foo Threads new patterns

For the Fabric- http://www.hawthornethreads.com/fabric/designer/hawthorne_threads/cottontail
For the dress Pattern- http://www.snazziedrawers.com/collections/patterns/products/lucy-star-child-dress-pattern

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  1. This is beautiful! Can I ask how you hemmed the scalloped part? It's hard to see in the photos, but it looks so nice and clean! You did a wonderful job!

    1. Hi! Thank you! :) it's hard to explain. The instructions have a photo tutorial. But pretty much sew the scalps right sides facing each other and flip right sides out :). I did not top stitch. Hope that helps!