Friday, November 14, 2014

More of Adorable Lil Luxe Patterns

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Grab the Peek A Boo Hoodie discounted for a short time in Jessicas Shop
Lookie Lookie, I do have boys too : ).  Three to be exact but I rarely
sew anything other than jammie pants for them.  I had not really been enticed by a boys clothing pattern other than two Cradtstorming patterns that I have future plans to blog about until I had sewn this one for my daughter.  See her cute hoodie bellow : )

My first test for the pattern was in Mila's size 18 months.  My son saw it and said "it looks like an Under Armour sweatshirt mom but better, sew me one."  Uh, what?!?  My son wants me to sew him clothes!?!  Well I should say son's because all three of them want one (Hint, hint Jessica : ) I'd love a size 14)  So of course I did, and they love it!  Comfy and cute, although I will not tell them I think its cute.  It's certainly not cool for a boy to wear cute clothes.

Although it is cool to do kung fu : )

Whoops I kinda forgot to explain a little about the pattern! The pattern is called the Peek A Boo Sweatshirt.  I bet you could guess why.  Yes there is a peek a boo pocket right in that center panel : ).  The sweatshirt is in two lengths, the waist length and a tunic length.  The Peek A Boo Sweatshirt is sized 12-18m through size 8 years.    
Here is Jessica's photo of the tunic length : ) notice the fun thumb hole : )

The pattern is a quick fun sew.  The thumb holes and front pocket are a fun step and somewhat surprised me on how they are constructed!  I think this pattern is a must have!!!
 Head on over to Jessicas shop for an even better description.  Link to the Jessica's shop is right here  Grab the pattern for your self and have fun : )  Here are a few more pics because I usually overdo it : )

Here is a sneak peak at what Lil Luxe has up her sleeve : )

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  1. And....fabulous, as always. Lovin that your boys asked for this one as well - he's totally right, there is something distinctly UA-ish about this one. Hmmmmm. Maybe men's sizes next...