Thursday, February 6, 2014

Signiture Look Project Run and Play Winter

I have a hard time with signature look week.  I really love all types of handmade clothing.  I love cute boutique knot dresses, I love the French and Italian designer clothes I try to copy once and awhile, I love clothes full of appliques, I really love it all!  But I think if you looked back through my blog you would find a bunch of earth tons and raw edges.
lately I have been nuts with knits!  I almost seem to have forgotten that clothes can be made with any other fabric.  I am a bit new to knit fabric.  It was something I had always had a fear of.  That was until I purchased a walking foot.  I used the Lilly Giggle pattern Zina pattern as a starting point for the top.  I made a few changes such as the two piece A-line tunic shape.  I wanted to add buttons but nothing seemed to work.  I ended up using Babyville Boutique snaps.  I am glad the buttons had not worked because I really like how the snaps turned out on the ruffle.

This Apron was my starting point.  The pattern is originally from the Carefree Clothes for kids Japanese pattern book.  The patterns smallest size was a 4 so there was a lot of scaling to get the right fit for Mila who is in 18 month size clothes
I used two layers of cotton fabric and stitched them together with a vintage stitch.  I left the edges raw, I think it gives the apron a pretty vintage look.

The ruffles on the pants were left raw as well.   

Look, Mila is starting to walk : )

Thanks for Viewing!


  1. Beautiful and unique clothes. And your daughter is so cute <3

  2. Darling...and I love raw edges too...the just get cuter the more times you wash them!