Monday, December 23, 2013

A PDF New Years Resolution

I have had a bit of a pattern addiction. For the past couple years. My PDF pattern collection keeps growing and my sewing just can't keep up. When I walk into my sewing room i just feel lost. I have piles of patterns, piles of sewing books, piles of fabrics and lots of trims. There is just so much I don't know where to start. So my big decision...Sew them all. Because at this poit I would bet I have only sewn 10% of them.
That's my pile of purchased PDF sewing patterns, plus a couple Farbenmix [more like 10] farbenmix patterns, and two Oliver & S non-PDF patterns. I have more stored in my PC waiting to be printed, taped and traced. So my resolution-promise to my self. No More Purchases until I sew every single one of these for Mila. At least once. And I plan to blog about each one!

I was thinking I would also force my self to not allow any new fabric purchases for my PDF resolution, But that is really just  unreasonable and a line I am not ready to cross.  I will have to tackle that problem another day : ). Fabric shopping is just too much fun.

Here is my good sized book collection: ). I LOVE pattern books. "Sewing Clothes Kids Love" is what really got me into sewing children's clothes. The book is very inperational. Lots of bright and colorful kids clothes with trims and appliqués.  I think I will attempt to sew up at least one pattern from each of these books and one pattern from my Ottobre, and Buzz Kids magazines. One exception to my no new patterns, I love love testing : ). So I will be still happy to test some patterns out : )

I plan to start with a Winks design pattern I had purchased a year or two ago and have yet to sew up. 
Is that cute or what! The sizeing is 1-8 and Mila is just starting to get into size 1. A top certainly needs some bottoms so I think I will combine the simply sweet tunic with Brownie Goose's Lola Bell Pants pattern. 

Yep, those are amazingly cute too! I have made these before but never for Mila.

Ok, ready, set, go, ME! 

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