Sunday, July 14, 2013

My Flipped Rollerskate dress : )

Let me start with a few warnings.  First, I am the absolute worst at spelling/punctuation lady.  I am just really not very good at it and spell checker rarely catches it all.  Second this is my very first blog post ever, and I am kina nervous about sounding silly.   Hopefully I do not sound like a true crazy as my blog name suggest : ).

Anyways I am here in the blogging world because of this fantastic sewalong by FrancesSuzanne.  Its all about changing up a pattern.  Each month they give you a pattern and we the contestants flip it.  Like the flip this house tv show.  I do say contestant because a monthly winner is chosen.  I will admit that this month is one of my favorite and most hopeful months because...Oliver & S.  I love, LOVE, LLOOVVEE Oliver & S patterns.  I want those very cute picnic shorts, and the birthday dress, and the fairytale dress, man I could go on & on. Anyways, here is my flip : )

I should have also warned you of my love for the smiley face : )
I tried to stay kinda with the classic look of Oliver & S patterns.  I guess a little too much because I later saw they have a dress or top with a similar front.  I had gotten the idea from a Japanese pattern book.

So what changes I have made?
I closed up the back, created the open front with gather, and added a whole bunch of bounce to the side seams like 4 inchs each side. 

Look at this little ladies legs!  Poor girl, we are in Minnesota.  Some say the mosquito is our state bird : )  It's the loon really : )   

And this little number has a secret : )...
ok, she looks sad about the dots here but its just a front.  In my attempt to be artistic with this photo I asked her to not smile.  But she was really actually happy about those dots : )
I did take pictures of my process in this dress.  Look for them in my next post!
Thanks, Kimmie


  1. You did a good job with your first blog post. Welcome to blogland! And you did a fantastic job "flipping" the Roller Skate dress!! I just love the dots on the underskirt...very creative. The entire dress is nicely done....or should I say .....nicely flipped!!

  2. Hi, and congrats on your first post...(I've just started blogging in January.) Your dress is adorable and I love the dots!!! I'm flipping too but I'm one of those who wait till the last minute to finish ugggh!! Have fun sewing and blogging :-)

  3. Welcome, I just did the first blog post for Flip series on June. And I have a lot of problem with spelling/punctuation coz I'm not a native speaker. Well, we can make a good friend, shall we ? :)

    BTW, I love your version. It's kind of fun to see red dots peekaboo. As well as the red patch on the front plus red bow on her hair bring the cuteness to the dress.

  4. YEA YOU!!! First off, we are honored that your FLIPPED CREATION was your first blog post {ummm, did you know it was last month's winner's first post too??}. I like the extra bounce, and surprise dots underneath the garment! What little girl doesn't like a little bounce in her step??

    When we first started our blog, we felt like we were talking to ourselves for a good four months. What have we found? There are some amazing ladies that encourage, advise, and push us to keep on creating!

  5. Thank you everyone!!! I think I will like this blogging thing : ). making new friends whom actually understand this obsession for sewing children's clothes : )

  6. Darling dress! You little girl looks adorable in her new dress. The dots are such a fun detail and I like the dress full like this best. Great first post!

  7. Simple and elegant! Welcome to blog land!

  8. I just have to tell you that the last shot of her is gorgeous! Perfect way to show off the creativity and fun in the dress

  9. Awesome first post!!! Your dress looks amazing and I love all the surprises and cute details, as well as the beautiful, sophisticated color palette. Well done!

    1. Thank you, I think blogging will be fun. I will just need to figure it all out : )

  10. What a pretty dress! Love those dots!